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My little soap « La Cabane à Savon », was born in early 2012 in the heart of the Corbières Lagrasse, medieval village and city of arts and crafts of the Aude.
I am an old potter become an adventurer of cold saponification and I kept my old job love of work hands, beautiful rich and durable materials, colors, shapes, and am now a soap dish.
My soaps are made lovingly by hand, hydrolyzed cold unmolded, cut, weighed and packed by me.
They are all rich in shea butter (25% minimum), coconut and olive oil (organic of course) without palm oil.
They are scented with organic essential oils and, final touch, are colored with clays, 100% natural pigments.
They wash but also nourish and protect your skin with their natural glycerin and superfatted (6 to 7%).
Each tells a story, my region, a character, a landscape, a smell, …
I invite you to journey into the world of my « Cabane à Savon ».